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How do I create a logo that brings incredible value to your business?
I ask questions – The basics, I ask for the company name, a description of your business and examples of any logos you like.

I then make sure I fully understand you and your business. I’ll go through your examples with you and find out what you like and why.

Understanding is key.

I take all the interesting phrases from your business and break these down into associated words that would make unique logos and getting as many ideas down as possible. There is no limit here and every avenue is explored.

Following this, three high level concepts are designed for you to tell us exactly what you like about them. Once we have gone through and found what would be your perfect logo – the idea is refined. This is where all the finishing touches that make a logo great happen.

Logo Examples



The Sovereign Trust required a logo which was fun and could stand alone as an icon to reflect its sovereign meaning.

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The Sale Sharks were rebranding and their old logo required an overhaul inline with the rest of the league.

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Minus 5 Media

Minus Five Medias logo was used taking advantage of the negative space of -5.
This made a fantastic window graphic in the entrance to their offices in Sacremento.

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The NPORS logo wordmark has been registered in Europe for 5 years. The Brandmark has been updated this year to commemorate the companies 30 year Anniversary.

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Mechanic AL

When the cycle mechanic to the Team GB elite needed a logo…

(Some projects are for friends and for fun)
To add – The illustration was a true likeness.

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Training provider B2As logo is created from 2 inter twining twos which show the b and a with the aid of colour and shade.

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Graphic designers will readily admit that the creative challenge of distilling the mindset and values of a brand to a single visual point of reference is demanding and yet equally rewarding.

Whether the brief demands something bold, graphic and impactful or a more understated typographic approach, I ensure your new logo is unique and appropriate to your market.

Do you have an upcoming logo project, or would like to find out more on how I can help?

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The perfect balance of professionalism, creativity and customer service…”

Paul Goucher

Open Control Solutions | Manchester

Style is a natural extension of who you are as a person

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

The image of the Dr. Martens boot was shot and edited using techniques that can be used along with others on a project for you.


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