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Sometimes the core of the identity is already there - JSN help identify it, by showing the clients audience exactly what the client wants

Delivering Excellence 4 SQ4S

Square 4 Services have over 20 years experience in the renewable energy sector.
Operating extensively across both the commercial and construction markets, they have completed numerous large-scale projects covering industrial, commercial, public sector and agricultural sectors.
Their management, design and installation teams bring a unrivalled level of expertise that gives our clients the confidence that SQ4S can successfully deliver their project to the highest standards demonstrating a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach. Their brand needed to be updated to reflect the company it had become.

Working with the managements team at Square 4 Services and alongside an external marketing team we gave them the clean logo they requested.
The management team had a Keep it Simple mentality – We were able to fit more text on a business card than you would normally see on a flyer, but made it look as clean and tasteful as the original brief set out.
The website was created using WordPress, bespoke icons were created and it had all the usual attributes we see on standard websites today – In line with the Keep it Simple approach the site was stripped down to its barest essential – giving the SQ4S site a minimal yet fully informative shop window. We were responsible for 75% of the images and the site is now in the capable hands of the SQ4S team to update.

Square 4 Services pride themselves in delivering excellence in renewables – now have an excellent new look to deliver to their audience, what they have to offer

  • Category : Branding / Print / Web Design
  • Date : 12th December 2017
  • Client : Square 4 Services Ltd
  • Address : Leigh
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